10 Facts will make you Boycott UAE

Oct 09 2017
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    1. The UAE has no democratically elected institutions and citizens do not have the right to change their government or to form political parties.


    1. UAE citizens and foreign nationals are exposed to forced disappearances for expressing any anti-Government views.



    1. Thousands have been abducted by the UAE government and illegally detained and tortured in unknown locations over the past few years.


    1. Hundreds of others were tortured in custody especially expats and their political dissidents.



    1. Suspects are not granted any trial for years. They spend long years in “administrative detention:”


    1. Floggingand stoning are legal forms of judicial punishment in the UAE due to Sharia courts.



    1. Media is censored by UAE Gov. with Zero tolerance towards press and journalists.


    1. Freedom of associationand freedom of religion are also curtailed.



    1. UAE is not a signatory to most international human-rights laws and labor-rights treaties.


    1. UAE is a hub of human trafficking, modern slavery, migrant workers abuse & money laundering.