ICBU: France Louvre is now complicit in Yemen War Crimes

Nov 21 2018
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The International Campaign to Boycott United Arab Emirates (ICBU) has slammed the French Louvre the responsibility of Yemen war crimes and described it as “Complicity” The position of the campaign comes amid a visit for UAE’s Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed who is due to visit the Louvre and inaugurate a new gallery.
The campaign added that the Louvre has become a partner crime when it agreed to initially open a branch in a rouge country like UAE who’s human rights records is awful.

Spokesperson of the Campaign, Henry Green stated that Louvre’s action can only be described as shameful and disgraceful.

“The Louvre is sacrificing its history as a beacon of arts and history of the nations as it become a PR tool for a rich royal family from UAE. We have issued dozens of statements urging them to refrain from opening such branches as it only encourage the dictators.” Said Mr. Green

He further stated that President-Director of the Musée du Louvre Jean-Luc Martinez Managing Director Maxence Langlois-Berthelot have “blood on their hand” as they opted supporting an autocratic regime rather than boycotting it due to their war crimes.

“Apparently both of Jean-Luc Martinez and Langlois-Berthelot care about nothing but to bring more income for the French louvre through a rogue branch opened in Abu Dhabi last year” concluded the campaign

It’s work noting that UAE bombings of yemen has resulted in at least 16,700 casualties, including 6,475 civilians killed, but the real figure is almost certainly significantly higher, according to the United Nations. The main cause of civilian casualties in the war, the report says, has been airstrikes by UAE. It estimates that there have been 18,000 such strikes in little more than three years, inflicting a level of damage on civilians that “certainly contributed to Yemen’s dire economic and humanitarian situation.”

According to Amnesty International, state torture is common in the UAE and “committed with impunity”. To date, there have been no government or SSC investigations ordered in to allegations of torture, which is a violation of the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture.