Campaign in Brief

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is intensely involved in human rights violations. The country which seems glittering from the outside, has an appalling dark side. From committing war crimes in Yemen, to modern slavery and Labourers abuse; the country has grimly failed in respecting human rights. Besides, UAE is considered as one of the leading countries in “human trafficking” and the “hub of money laundering” and “key supporter for many terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East”.
In the shadow of these harrowing facts, we the founders of this project, (Journalists, Human Rights Activists, Victims of UAE) have launched this movement, “International Campaign to Boycott UAE” to raise awareness of UAE’s human rights abuses and their violations of International law. The Campaign will work side by side with decision makers, organisations, advocacy movements and other international bodies to help achieve our principled goal.

Vision & Mission

To end UAE human rights violations and promote the value of the human rights across the world.
Our mission endeavors are summarized in the following goals: - Ending the War on Yemen, Save the Humans. - Ending Slavery including Human Trafficking. - Ending Asian/other Labourers abuse - Ending UAE’s support to terrorist Group across the Middle East & North Africa