Call on Australia’s PM Scott Morrison to halt arm export to UAE, to end War crimes in Yemen

Oct 16 2018
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The international Campaign To Boycott UAE (ICBU) urge Scott Morrison, Australia’s new prime minister to suspend and end all forms of military cooperation with United Arab Emirates due to tis endless war crimes in Yemen. ICBU invite Mr. Morrison to abide by International treaties governing the process weapons particularly for criminal and repressive regimes.


Spokesmen of ICBU, Henry Green stated in a statement “The campaign call on Mr. Morrison to end military cooperation with UAE otherwise its complicit with war crimes in Yemen. Australian governments in the past said that they will not export arms to criminal regimes but this not true. They continue to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE.”


It’s worth noting that Australia is selling High Speed Support Vessel (HSSV), a multi-mission warship produced by WA-based shipbuilder Austal to UAE. Australian’s weapons are now being used in Yemen to kill children and women. Australian companies are also selling weapons secretly to UAE which includes middle range rockets and other military viechles and tanks accessories.


Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan travelled to Parliament House to discuss potential arms deals, holding meetings with his Australian counterpart, Julie Bishop, and Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.


UAE which is accused of war crimes in its conflict with Yemen, has discussed buying more Australian military equipment during high-level talks in Canberra.Last year, Mr Pyne met with UAE’s Crown Prince at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi where he discussed possible military sales including ammunition and warships.


“Amnesty International has repeatedly urged the Australian Government to publicly report the exact nature of all arms transfers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to date and to its allies in the war in Yemen, including the United Arab Emirates and cease the authorisation of any future arms transfers while there remains a substantial risk these arms will be used to fuel human rights abuses.”