Emirates Airline Employee reveals violations and increased human trafficking

Jan 17 2018
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The international campaign to boycott UAE (ICBU) received a complaint through the Hotline of Complaints launched two months. A senior employee at Emirates Airlines sent informed ICBU of serious violations inside the company. Immediately after receiving the complaint, the international campaign verified the content and nature of the complaint sent by the employee, which contained documents, photographs and important documents.

The campaign refrain to publish the documents it received in due to protect the employee’s safety and security.

According to the Documents we received, Emirates Airlines has refused to conduct an investigation against a middle manager in a case of assault and physical assault on a Dubai branch employee.

The employee also said that the airline did not agree to reduce the number of working hours for female flight attendants. As a result, a number of flight attendants were exposed to fatigue due to long hours, seven of whom were transferred to hospitals in Dubai and Berlin where they stayed briefly for treatment. Emirates did not provide any compensation or any payments in return of the physical harm they suffered.

The employee also noted that there is a discrimination in dealing with workers within such as Asian hostesses and Asian workers who are treated in a non-professional manner compared with workers of European origin. She further added that, incentives, vacations, allowances and compensation are granted to (European) female flight attendants while there is much less being paid to those of Asian origin.

The employee, who served as a hostess, then moved to management department said that the company did not offer hotel services to flight attendants in a number of destinations, which led some of them to sleep in passenger lounges. She stated also that this was the result of a large increase in the number of complaints within the company before the senior management was pushed to reverse its related decisions and provide a hotel allowance for employees traveling on an ongoing basis.

The employee revealed harrowing facts about minors who are being trafficked via flights from and into UAE. The airlines failed to take appropriate measures to crack down on the activities.

She also stated, “there had been more than one case where flight attendants failed to take actions against cases of human trafficking due to lack of training and experience. A number of employees had asked the company to train them on how to detect victims of human trafficking on flights but the company refused their request on the grounds that there was no budget.”

ICBU expressed deep concern about what is going on inside the company, and the reports of a rise in human trafficking cases. ICBU additionally added that there is unwitting negligence by Emirates employees in spotting victims of human trafficking due to lack of experience and adequate training in accordance with the standards of the World Aviation Agency.