After eviction of boy with epilepsy, World Must Boycott Emirates Airlines

Jul 30 2018
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After eviction of boy with epilepsy, World Must Boycott Emirates airlines

International Campaign to Boycott United Arab Emirates (ICBU) called on wide boycott of the Emirates airlines after their inhumane treatment of a boy with epilepsy. The Boy with epilepsy and family forced to leave Emirates flight in Dubai. Emirates staff have forced a disabled teenager and his family to disembark from a plane because he has epilepsy, despite the fact he held a medical certificate and clearance to fly. Eli, the 17-year-old son of the Euronews journalist Isabelle Kumar, had boarded a flight on Wednesday from Dubai to France, the final leg of a long-haul journey from New Zealand via Australia.

The campaign express its deep anger and disgust of the action of the Emirates airline which only reflect lack of tolerance and acceptance of people with special needs in UAE. The campaign regard the action of the airline as a continuation of long discriminatory attitude towards the airlines staff, refugees and people of certain origins who were not allowed to board flights before. The staff of the airlines are suffering on daily basis where verbal abuse is a trend at the company. They also lack basic needs of health and safety requirements which resulted in the death of staff members over the last few years. In this instance, refusing to allow a boy with epilepsy to board the flight is another indication that the airlines has no ethical or moral principles.

The airlines was determined to evict the boy despite his family’s effort where they phoned the airline in advance to ensure they were aware of their son’s needs – asked for a seat with a vacant seat next to it in case he had a seizure, they wanted to see the medical certificate. “I couldn’t initially find the certificate, But I called the doctor, got them to email the certificate which she did immediately,” she said. “Eli’s doctor wanted to speak to the attendants but they refused to speak to her, refused to look at the certificate, and refused to listen to us about Eli’s needs.” To conclude, the campaign call for wide boycott of this unethical company. ICBU Has made many previous warnings on the Emirates airlines and its human Rights abuses which all is true and the incident of today is another proof.