ICBU: Abu Dhabi Continues to Practice Slavery through the Sponsorship System

Sep 30 2018
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ICBU: Abu Dhabi Continues to Practice Slavery through the Sponsorship System

The International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) said that Abu Dhabi is continuing to practice slavery against all categories of foreign workers through the sponsorship system. Foreign workers represent about 86% of the UAE population, divided into 200 nationalities. ICBU described the sponsorship system as a form of modern slavery, where the sponsorship system in Abu Dhabi has two parties, one of which is the sponsor, who is responsible for the worker financially, legally and morally and the second party is the worker, where most transactions are sponsored by government agencies through the same sponsor The sponsor’s system allows him to prevent worker’s travel without his permission, and the right to detain the worker’s passport.

In some cases, the sponsor’s responsibility is unclear to the government and the worker. In most cases, the sponsor gives his signature only to the expatriate worker. The sponsor decides everything about the worker’s life. ICBU added that the UAE gives absolute freedom to the sponsor to control the sponsored and many of the sponsors are playing their role in a horrible way and use all the oppressive means with the workers and their injustice in order to achieve wealth and livelihood at the expense of others or from the pleasure and practice of slavery, where the sponsor confiscates the passports of the sponsor and manages all affairs of his life in the UAE.

The sponsorship is also applied to women who work in very difficult circumstances and are exploited sexually and professionally. If a woman or a man submits a complaint to the UAE authorities, a deportation decision is taken without consideration, examination. ICBU stressed that the UAE regime violates the rights of foreign workers daily through the sponsorship system. The international campaign has rejected the practice of modern slavery and its violation of international human rights instruments, which states that no one can be held in slavery or servitude. Slavery and slavery are prohibited in all their forms.

The International Campaign called for the intervention of the United Nations, the European Parliament, human rights institutions and the international community to stop human rights violations committed by UAE authorities against foreign residents in the UAE and to force UAE authorities to respect human rights laws. The campaign also called on all countries that respect human rights laws and the free world to boycott the UAE because they violate human rights daily, whether in the war in Yemen or with neighbouring countries or citizens or residents. ICBU said it was launched in the light of the endless violations of human rights practiced by the UAE, as well as its war crimes in Yemen and violations of workers’ rights, as well as the fact that the UAE is the centre of modern slavery. The United Arab Emirates today is one of the leading countries in trafficking in human beings and is one of the main supporters of terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.