ICBU: Boycott “First Dubai International Medical Tourism Forum”

Jan 23 2018
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International Campaign to Boycott United Arab Emirates (UAE) said on launched an urgent appeal for more than 30 international hospitals preparing to participate in the first Dubai Medical Forum to be held on February 20 and 21 urging them  to boycott the event. The event organized by Dubai Health Authority and called  “First Dubai International Medical Tourism Forum” with a key theme “Reimagining Experience”

The International Campaign said in a statement that the international community should boycott the UAE and its national and investment projects that are used to cover up its crimes in Yemen and its bad image of human rights, as well as substantial financial benefits from similar activities.

The campaign added that the international community is required “more than ever to stand firmly against the UAE by imposing international isolation in all areas, including a comprehensive boycott.” Campaign Spokesperson, Henry Green added that UAE is spending millions of dollars in this exhibition.

If it really cares, it should spend all this money to help children and its victims in Yemen. UAE if it wants can build field hospitals in the country instead to help war victims.International hospitals which takes part in this event are breaking norms and ethics where a country with bad human records should be isolated and boycotted.

ICBU has also appealed to doctors and individuals not to take part in this conference and exhibition. They should stand for ethics and morals by boycotting UAE and such events.