ICBU brief Human Rights Council with UAE Human Rights Violation Infograph

Mar 03 2018
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International Campaign To Boycott UAE (ICBU) briefed human rights council member states of the various human rights violations committed by the United Arab Emirates.  The short briefing demonstrated how UAE is deeply involved in severe violations against humanity through war crimes in Yemen human trafficking, slavery in Libya and other violations.

The Infograph showed UAE  war on Yemen and its outcome such as:

– Killing Yemeni Civilians on daily basis.
– Employing Mercerises to kill Yemenis.
– Raiding Civilian targets across Yemen.
– Using Yemeni civilians as human shields.
– Killing and torturing prisoners Yemeni Jails.
– Using minors in its war.

Slavery Practices

– UAE is funding Slavery trade in Libya.
– African Migrants in Libya transferred to Dubai.
– Many migrant workers are enslaved in Dubai.
– Domestic Laws make workers vulnerable to slavery
-Asian maids are enslaved by their employers.

Human Trafficking

– People are trafficked for labor.
– U.S. State Department labelled UAE as hub of trafficking with tier 2 designation.
– Workers face involuntary servitude such as long work hours with low wages
–  Asian girls trafficked to work as prostitutes.

Migrant Workers

– Work long hours with no Health & Safety.
– Paid Low Wages with no over time payment.
– Abused psychically and verbally.
– Not allowed to travel by their employers.
– Many died during to working in heat.
– Workers face to coercive labor and to debt bondage

Funding Terrorism

– Funded 9/11 Bombers.
– Dubai is hub of Taliban funding – US Embassy
– Funding Terrorist Groups in Syria and Libya.
– Funding Radical Groups in Europe.
– Dubai is the hub of Money laundering.
– Funding Somali Terrorists, Al Shabab Group.

Domestic Rights Abuses

– No Freedom of Expressions.
– No Political Parties.
– No Rights for minorities.
– No rights for religious groups.
– Refugees are deported.
– Judiciary controlled by Government.

The brief was also attached an urgent letter which urged the council to take immediate measures against United Arab Emirates to end its crimes.

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