ICBU call for wide solidarity with UAE “African slavery” victims in Libya

Nov 24 2017
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) call on the International public opinion, particularly the European, to show unprecedented support and solidarity for the African migrants who fell victims for UAE funded armed groups in Libya.


The Campaign denounced the continued UAE funding for terrorist groups involved in the slavery business in Libya.

The campaign extends its heartfelt thanks to Manchester United player, Paul Bojba for his stance while playing where he expressed solidarity with the vulnerable victims.


Therefore, we invite organization and human rights defenders to show support for these victims and do their utmost efforts to end this ugly phenomenon.


“Our previous report revealed how UAE funded terrorist armed groups affiliated to General Khalifa Haftar. The groups captured hundreds of African migrants and sold them as slaves to work in Libyan farms and factories.” Said the campaign



The campaign calls on European governments to immediately send fact-finding missions to look closely at those victims and end their plight. The UAE slavery is also at home where Dubai is considered the hub, thus a fact-finding mission is also needed to be there.


“We will launch a wide scale campaign next week to expose how UAE helped this trade of slavery flourishing and increase across Libya. The media awareness action will use key hashtags: #No_UAE_Slavery #BoycottUAE” said the statement of ICBU


ICBU added in the statement that the best action route is to boycott UAE thus this slavery phenomena will come to end.