ICBU Calls for the British Government to Immediately Interfere to Release the British Mother held in UAE Jails

Apr 12 2019
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ICBU Calls for the British Government to Immediately Interfere to Release the British Mother held in UAE Jails

The International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) has called on the British government to intervene immediately to press the UAE authorities to release the British mother in the UAE prisons. The UAE authorities have arrested Laleh Sharavesh, 55, and her 14-year-old daughter Paris in Dubai on the back of a post on Facebook 3 years ago. The British mother said she was arrested when she came to Dubai to attend her ex- husband’s funeral with her daughter, where she was arrested, her daughter was deported to Britain and papers and passport were seized.

Laleh said her daughter was not accustomed to living away from her mother since she was young, and she said ‘’ I am very scared in Dubai, where I am about to lose my job in Britain – providing shelters for homeless people and losing my home because of this old post.’’ ICBU confirmed that lawyers said that it is expected that she has to pay £50000 as a fine.

ICBU said that the UAE authorities have persisted in their violations of human rights, where they still arrest and detain many foreign nationals in their detention camps and confiscate their passports and belongings.


The International Campaign called for the intervention of the United Nations, the European Parliament, human rights institutions and the international community to stop human rights violations committed by UAE authorities against foreign residents in the UAE and to force UAE authorities to respect human rights laws. The campaign also called on all countries that respect human rights laws and the free world to boycott the UAE because they violate human rights daily, whether in the war in Yemen or with neighboring countries or citizens or residents.

ICBU said it was launched in the light of the endless violations of human rights practiced by the UAE, as well as its war crimes in Yemen and violations of workers’ rights, as well as the fact that the UAE is the center of modern slavery. The United Arab Emirates today is one of the leading countries in trafficking in human beings and is one of the main supporters of terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.