ICBU condemn the arrest of British citizen in Dubai

Feb 27 2018
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International Campaign to Boycott the United Arab Emirates, once again condemns the endless arrest campaigns by Dubai authorities against expatriates and visitors. The UAE authorities particularly, Dubai became very aggressive against any small mistakes done by visitors. The arrests at many occasions are exaggerated and are for no reason.

The new outrages act was committed by Dubai police last week when arrested a 22-year-old British man for a year in Dubai for using a credit card given to him by a friend to pay for a hotel. UAE court unfairly and unprofessionally sentenced him to one year in prison.

Lucas Belmonte, from Gravesend, Kent, is being assisted by Detained in Dubai, which said he signed a confession in Arabic under duress, BBC reported

He told Detained in Dubai the corporate credit card he was using had been given to him by a friend. Ms Stirling said: “It was later found that the credit card was unauthorised for use and he was arrested in his hotel.

ICBU call on Dubai authorities to immediately release Mr. Belmonte and return him to his home in the UK. The sentence against him is unfair and illegal.

At this occasion, the campaign would like to thank Radha Stirling¬†of “Detained in Dubai” for her efforts to crack down on the illegal practices of Dubai police and the fragile and unfair UAE judiciary system.