ICBU Organizes a Photo Exhibition in front of the UN Headquarter in Geneva

Mar 22 2019
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ICBU Organizes a Photo Exhibition in front of the UN Headquarter in Geneva



The International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) organized an exhibition on the most prominent violations and abuses committed by the UAE in the field of human rights. The exhibition was organized to strengthen the isolation and boycott of Abu Dhabi because of its human rights abuses and racism against foreign workers and war crimes in Yemen. The exhibition was organized as a symbolic step to uncover UAE practices such as human trafficking and its contribution to the spread of modern slavery.

The exhibition was organized in the front yard of the United Nations headquarter in Geneva and includes a discussion of the forms of persecution practiced by Abu Dhabi against foreign workers and the poor working conditions they are exposed to.

Dozens of lawyers, media professionals and those involved in human rights violations flocked to the opening of the photo exhibition organized by the International Campaign to Define Human Rights Violations in the UAE.

“We thought that one of the best ways to show the truth about Abu Dhabi violations is the image language, the camera, which faithfully conveys what it sees before it,” The organizers said

Organizers say the exhibition not only provides images of human rights abuses, but also presents a wide range of images of poverty and suffering caused by the UAE in Yemen, and abuses against foreign workers, to be read by those interested in the world, where everyone speaks the language of the image.



Suppression of Freedoms and the Arrest of Activists

The exhibition also dealt with the forms of repression and discrimination practiced by the UAE against activists and human rights defenders inside and outside the UAE. The Exhibition also focused on the arrest of activists who express their opinion of rejecting the policies of the UAE and criticizing its arbitrary actions against opponents.


Torture in UAE Prisons

The exhibition includes pictures of the torture practiced by the UAE authorities against activists and dissidents in its prisons, as well as the secret prisons established by the UAE in Yemen to suppress and imprison Yemeni opponents.

The pictures also highlighted the UAE’s violations of human rights internally and the arbitrary arrests of journalists and academics in the repression of freedom of opinion and expression and the restriction of public freedoms.



The exhibition also included photographs of the human trafficking cases and reveals the involvement of UAE-funded groups in human smuggling activities in Libya,and how armed groups, usually funded by the United Arab Emirates, engage in slavery activities throughout Libya.

The international campaign presented pictures of tortured African migrants and patients suffering from pain and other photographs show the bodies of migrants in detention centers. Some migrants were amputated with their hands or feet as a sadistic method of torture.


Violation of Foreign Labour Rights

The organizers of the exhibition presented pictures and live testimonies from the workers about the harsh working conditions that the UAE is forced to work with, the failure to apply the minimum wage and non-payment of salaries regularly, and others who have been subjected to cruel and degrading treatment from their employers in the UAE.

In addition, foreign workers in the UAE are required to obtain a work visa from an Emirati sponsor who always controls workers in all aspects of life in the UAE. The law requires the UAE sponsor to obtain the sponsor’s permission in everything related to his life and work in the UAE.


Criticism of the Louvre

ICBU explained how the UAE used the Louvre to cover the ugly face of the UAE and considered it a partner in the UAE crimes. This means that the Louvre agreed to open his branch initially in a country that is witnessing widespread abuses such as the UAE, where human rights records are horrendous.