ICBU: UAE funded groups linked to human trafficking, sold African migrants as “slaves” in Libya

Nov 21 2017
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The International Campaign to Boycott UAE received a number of documents and pictures that reveal the involvement of UAE funded groups in the human trafficking activities in Libya. The valuable information shows with names how armed groups usually funded by UAE carried out the slavery activities across Libya.

Names shown in the documents include Ahmad Abu Ziton and Mo’amar Al Trabolsi, senior leaders in UAE backed forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi. Those two names have arrested hundreds of African migrants in Libya who were trying to cross to Europe. Following their arrest, the vulnerable African migrants were sold as slaves to work in factories and farms in Libya.

Ahmad Abu Ziton and Mo’amar Al Trabolsi armed groups received more than $ 7 million and travelled frequently to Abu Dhabi where they met with senior members of the Mohamad Dahlan faction.

Photos yet to display, show tortured and sick African migrants suffering in pain. Other photos show dead bodies of migrants in detention centers. Some of the migrants had their hands or legs amputated as sadistic method of torture.

Another document revealed how a group of African migrants were led to secret place where they were sold as slaves for few hundred dollars. To cover up the auction which sold these migrants, work contracts were written by the “slaves” owners. The auction and sale process with carried out by Hussain Al Mismari, who works for Al Trabolsi and Abu Ziton.

ICBU liaised with third party experts to make sure of the validity and authenticity of these document and pictures. Experts compared our documents, photos with other infrared aerial photos taken earlier. Dates and times shown in the documents were confirmed as valid as well.

The Campaign contacted the Libyan Government and showed the evidence it obtained. No response has made by the Government as of now.

Lately, a CNN report published a similar story in Libya which shows selling African migrants as slaves in Tripoli.

The Campaign hold UAE responsible for such activities since its funded groups and individuals sponsored and carried these gross and inhumane activities.