ICBU: UAE Launches a War against Libya using its Mercenary Militias, Weapons and Financial Support

Apr 09 2019
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ICBU: UAE Launches a War against Libya using its Mercenary Militias, Weapons and Financial Support

The International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) accused the UAE of launching a war against Libya and managing it throght its military base(Al Kharouba Base) in Libya, moreover, bringing mercenary fighters from Chad and Sudan to fight in the ranks of retired Libyan Major General Khalifa Haftar and provide them with money, weapons, ammunition and modern technology to communicate with members of the government of compatibility to convince them of working against their country.

The UAE has been working to destabilize the Arab region and Africa, such as its intervention in Libya, its war in Yemen, its intervention and its support for terrorism in Somalia. The UAE’s role in Libya began with the emergence of retired general Khalifa Hafer in the summer of 2014 when he began his military operations in Benghazi.

ICBU continued that the UAE air force had earlier launched raids on the city of Derna on February 17, 2018, which killed dozens of civilians, with the seizure of combat equipment belonging to the United Arab Emirates in Libya. The campaign confirms that the UAE’s military intervention in Libya is a prelude to the destruction of the Algerian revolution neighbouring Libya.

The international campaign called for the intervention of the United Nations, the European Parliament, human rights institutions and the international community to stop human rights violations committed by the UAE authorities in Libya and to force the authorities in the UAE to respect human rights laws.

The campaign also called on all countries that respect human rights laws and the free world to boycott the UAE because they violate human rights on a daily basis, whether in Libya or the war in Yemen or with neighbouring countries, citizens or residents.

ICBU said it was launched in the light of the endless violations of human rights practiced by the UAE, as well as its war crimes in Yemen and violations of workers’ rights, as well as the fact that the UAE is the centre of modern slavery. The United Arab Emirates is today one of the leading countries in trafficking in human beings and is one of the main supporters of terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.