ICBU: The UAE is Offering Bribes to Western Politicians to Improve its Image

Aug 02 2018
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ICBU: The UAE is Offering Bribes to Western Politicians to Improve its Image

The International Campaign to Boycott Uae (ICBU) condems bribe offers by UAE to European politicians in the European Parliament, Britain and the US Congress to improve its image. According to information collected by the campaign through the accounts of the acquittal, the UAE paid more than 20 million Euros in grants, gifts and visits to some European MPs. It also provided financial support to research and intellectual institutions in return for supporting the image of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The same thing happened in America, where Abu Dhabi paid more than $ 15 million last year to US public relations firms and acquired some of them to serve its agenda. The British parliament and several European parliaments have received more than 10 million Euros over the past nine months in exchange for the support of the UAE and its image and attacking Qatar.

The campaign condemns the dirty practices of the United Arab Emirates that have begun to affect modern political systems in the West, and that is a nail in the coffin of modern democracies. The scandal of the United Arab Emirates Organization for Human Rights was resounding among the human rights organizations. It proved that the Foundation was involved in financing campaigns to defame and attack the UAE’s opponents and to pay huge amounts of money to civil society organizations with consultative status with the United Nations to make oral statements to the Human Rights Council and seminars on the sidelines of the sessions of the Council and paid money to African asylum seekers in Geneva to participate in protests against opponents of Qatar in a campaign to undermine the credibility of any organization criticizing the human rights situation in the UAE and the distribution of bribes and money to non-governmental organizations and human rights organizations and human rights workers to influence the work of the Human Rights Council in order to adopt supportive positions for the UAE regime.

The campaign called on the EU to investigate how the UAE could financially support some politicians and influential institutions. According to the campaign, Brussels is demanding the immediate expulsion of the UAE ambassador and his arrest to investigate these cases and sever ties with the UAE authorities for their blatant interference in the work of the Human Rights Council and negatively affect the credibility of the Council among countries.

The boycott campaign aims to discard the UAE and boycott its official and legal institutions and boycott them politically because of the negative interference in state policies and support for terrorism in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and crimes against humanity in Yemen and internally in the UAE, where the UAE is the centre of modern slavery and human trafficking and the only safe passage in the world to send money to terrorists where their whereabouts. The boycott campaign was launched to highlight and expose the human rights violations committed by the emirates in international forums and to spread the reality of the UAE regime, which is hiding behind the public relations campaigns working day and night to improve its image, but to no avail the truth cannot be hidden.