ICBU: UAE Racism Causes the Death of Dozens of Foreign Workers in a Week in UAE

Sep 14 2018
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ICBU: UAE Racism Causes the Death of Dozens of Foreign Workers in a Week in UAE

13 September 2018

The International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) said that the number of deaths and crimes against foreign workers is increasing day by day, due to UAE racism and discrimination. Last week, an Asian was killed after being hit by a car in Ras Al Khaimah, an african girl died due to falling from a building in the Al Khan district of Sharjah, a five-year-old asian girl died after falling from an apartment on the 29th floor of a residential tower in Sharjah, thirty female workers survived a fire that broke out late in a house in Al-Rams area and an Asian man attempt to commit suicide from the tower of Etessalat because of racism and problems with the sponsor.

ICBU said Dubai was abusing foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates and violating international human rights treaties and conventions on a daily basis in the UAE. Foreign workers in the UAE also suffer from a work visa that forces them to obtain an Emirati sponsor who always controls workers in all aspects of life in the UAE. The law obliges the Emirati sponsor to obtain the sponsor’s permission in everything related to his life and work in the UAE. ICBU revealed that workers were afraid to report such violations to authorities because Dubai authorities had always threatened to deport them to their country or to detain them in their prisons.

ICBU also calls on the international community to intervene immediately to stop human rights violations in the UAE and to force the authorities in the UAE to respect human rights laws and called on all countries that respect human rights laws and the free world to boycott the UAE because they violate human rights daily, whether in the war in Yemen or with neighbouring countries or citizens or residents. ICBU said it was launched in the light of the endless violations of human rights practiced by the UAE, as well as its war crimes in Yemen and violations of workers’ rights, as well as the fact that the UAE is the centre of modern slavery. The United Arab Emirates today is one of the leading countries in human-trafficking and is one of the main supporters of terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.