ICBU: UNSECO should stop UAE stealing History of Socotra Archipelago in Yemen

Feb 05 2018
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) expressed its deep shock and anger over the new “madness” shown by UAE troops in Yemen. The campaign denounce UAE’s violations of cultural and historical sites in Yemen where old trees have been stolen from a Yemeni Island.

Socotra Archipelago is a UNESCO protected site now being sabotaged and destroyed by the United Arab Emirates.
The island has incredible plants and trees that existed for thousands of years. They are rare and can only be found on this spot, not any place worldwide.

UAE troops started stealing trees over two weeks ago. Dozens of Military vehicle and bulldozers uprooted more than 500 trees so far. The area which is historical renowned site is being damaged by United Arab Emirates expansionist policies.

Socotra is part of Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, but it is separated from the mainland by 220 miles – which is why the plants there look so different to those which evolved elsewhere., Metro

Metro Newspaper earlier reported that, ‘Alien island’ of Socotra, where the trees are 20 million years old” it also added that “Alone in the sea, the archipelago is known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean because its incredible biodiversity rivals the famous islands in the Pacific where Darwin developed his theory of evolution.”

UNESCO protected site ” Socotra Archipelago” destroyed and stolen by United Arab Emirates. Thus, the campaign urge the UNESCO to step in immediately and save the plants and trees in the island.