ICBU urge United Nations to kick UAE from Human rights Council

Feb 05 2018
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Paris, 05, February 2018 – International Campaign To Boycott UAE (ICBU) urged the United Nation to immediately kick United Arab Emirates from the Human Rights Council. The Campaign said in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General, Antonio Goderich. The campaign said in the letter that UAE’s gross human rights records disqualify it from being part of the reputable council.

“Human Rights Council should be the avenue to punish human rights abusers. It should be the place to expose those are causing the suffering of humans. As such, United Arab Emirates should not be allowed to be part of the council. The human rights record of UAE is appalling where torture is used in their prisons, human trafficking and lack of freedoms is hitting the county” said the letter.

The campaign called on the international federation to take a careful look at the human rights situation in the UAE, where “the rights of the individual, whether citizens or residents, are violated, political expression and participation are prohibited, and foreign workers are deprived of their basic rights, such as unjust wages and different types of  violence and inhuman treatment.”

ICBU also noted in the letter that UAE leadership is involved in massive bloodshed against Yemeni people where killing and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians is a daily practice.

The International campaign also highlighted that Dubai is not fit to be a candidate for hosting the World Chambers of Commerce conference due to its human rights violations where UAE is  involved  in human trafficking in human.

ICBU added that it will be launching an awareness campaign to reach out to all UN member states explaining why UAE should not sit on the council. The campaign will also focus on NGOs and human rights activities to enlighten them about UAE crimes.