ICBU: We welcome Germany decision to stop arm trade with KSA, UAE and invite Britain for a similar step

Jan 20 2018
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) welcomed the Germany decision to stop arms trade with countries fighting in Yemen. The German step is clear proof of the endless war crimes in Yemen against innocent civilians. The campaign call for UK to adopt similar step and end arms trade to UAE and KSA as well as Bahrain.

The campaign urge international community, particularly European countries to end arms trade for armies involved in the Yemen disaster.

ICBU has welcomed earlier the Norwegian step to end arm trade with those countries due to war crimes.
The campaign thinks that stopping arms trade is a step in the right direction that should be followed for Boycott measures and actions. Any countries carrying out war crimes must be isolated.

Exporting weapons to KSA and UAE will result in more casualties and killing of innocent civilians. Immediate actions should be taken by United Nation.