ICBU: The White House is Required to an Immediate End to the War in Yemen

Jun 06 2018
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ICBU: The White House is Required to an Immediate End to the War in Yemen


6 June 2018

International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) has called on the White House to stop supporting the UAE in its war in Yemen. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is still committing war crimes against civilians in Yemen, where about 3 million Yemeni citizens have been displaced and over 15,000 people killed, including children, women and old people. The UAE, its gangs and mercenary militias use all kinds of heavy and light weapons, including Internationally prohibited weapons, indiscriminate attacks against civilians and torture are carried out by mercenaries employed in the war in Yemen. The UAE has supervised secret prisons, practiced torture and enforced disappearance, looted Yemen’s wealth, seized Yemeni lands, and looted and destroyed Yemeni archaeological sites. The UAE recently occupied the Yemeni island of Socotra and established a large military base and repressed all protests by Yemeni citizens on the island, who were objecting the presence of the UAE.

The campaign confirmed that the forces of the UAE military command carried out a series of violations in southern Yemen against Yemeni journalists, media and media organizations in order to silence their mouths and not expose the UAE crimes committed by the UAE in Yemen. The latest was the disappearance of journalist Awad Keshmim from Mukalla province and his torture in Hadramout due to his Facebook page comments that criticizes the interventions of the UAE in the provinces of southern Yemen, and the attack on the Eighth Day Newspaper in Aden and the Aden Research Center in Khormaksar, Where journalists and media are harassed for criticizing the practices of the UAE security teams in the southern provinces.


ICBU called on the White House to stop supporting Yemen’s war, stop intelligence sharing and airlift the fighters because US support for the war in Yemen could kill a large number of civilians, trigger a humanitarian crisis and bring millions of Yemenis to the brink of starvation. The boycott campaign called on the international community to intervene immediately to stop human rights violations committed by the UAE in southern Yemen and to force the UAE authorities to respect international human rights law. The campaign also called on all countries that respect human rights laws and the free world to boycott the UAE because they violate human rights daily, whether in the war in Yemen or with neighbouring countries, citizens or residents.


The boycott campaign said it was launched in the light of the endless violations of human rights practiced by the UAE, as well as its war crimes in Yemen and violations of workers’ rights, as well as the fact that the UAE is the centre of modern slavery. The United Arab Emirates today is one of the leading countries in human-trafficking and is one of the main supporters of terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.