International Campaign to Boycott UAE calls on French Louvre to investigate Louvre Abu Dhabi on missing Iraqi antiques

Feb 02 2018
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Paris – International Campaign to Boycott UAE called on the French louvre Museum to investigate the information of possible Iraqi antiques arriving to its branch in Abu Dhabi; which were stolen from Iraq at the time of American invasion in 2003.

ICBU criticised Louvre Abu Dhabi for failing to disclose the number of Iraqi and antiquities that were bought in the black markets with the help of smugglers.

Iraqi archeologists reached out to ICBU and passed critical information about rate pieces that have gone missing in 2003 and now said to be moved to louvre Abu Dhabi. The archeologists told the campaign that Louvre Abu Dhabi refused to answer them about a number of pieces that belongs to the Iraqi Museum.

Certain Marble arches and small accessories of a Somarian women plus asserian kings such as King Shelma the thid were stolen from Baghdad museum in 2003.

The campaign announced that Louvre Abu Dhabi is manipulated by UAE government which is using the French louvre name as a PR stunt.

ICBU called on the French louvre to take serious measures which garauntee transparency and credibility as its name is being tarnished by UAE leadership.

Henry Green, ICBU spokesperson said that Louvre abu Dhabi must announce a list of all antiques and how there were bought via legal or illegal means.