Join us: UAE Should Stop Bad Treatment of Foreign Workers

Oct 24 2017
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Join us: UAE Should Stop Bad Treatment of Foreign Workers

The UAE is the most densely migrant-populated country in the world. About 90 percent of the UAE’s 9 million people are internationals, and most of them are working on temporary employment contracts. Only a handful of migrants have been granted citizenship since the country gained independence in 1971.

The United Arab Emirates has been involved in unprecedented human rights violations varying in forms against foreign workers working in the country. The UAE has a long record of oppressing workers and treating them in a manner that does not respect their human dignity. The UAE’s practices and policies against foreign workers don’t respect the minimum standards of human rights and human dignity. Workers are being brought to the UAE are being enslaved there in the 21st Century where slavery is no longer acceptable. Not only this, the UAE has taken action against migrant workers who complained to the authorities after they were abused by their employers.

Although it looks glorious from outside, Dubai is home for the most horrible human rights violations against foreign workers. The UAE still adopts the sponsorship system when it comes to foreign workers, meaning foreign workers coming to work in the UAE must be sponsored by an Emirati national. Employment visas for migrant workers are sponsored by Emirati individuals or companies, leaving the protections of a centralized government system behind.

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have highlighted the hardships faced by migrant workers, including exploitation of construction workers and unequal protection of women and domestic workers.

Thus, boycotting the UAE until it abides by international law and until it stops its human rights violations against foreign workers in the country, is a human value, to stand in solidarity with oppressed workers who are being harmed due to the UAE’s non-stop violations of human rights. Endorsing the International Campaign to Boycott the UAE means an expression of support to all workers harmed due to the UAE’s abusive policies throughout the years.


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The International Campaign to Boycott the UAE (ICBU)