List of UAE hotels to Boycott, call on International,European tourists to avoid UAE Tourism 

Oct 28 2017
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Paris, 29/10/2017 – (ICBU) International Campaign to Boycott UAE published a list of top UAE hotel and luxury accommodation business and invited International as well as Europeans to avoid UAE. The new list is another important awareness tool to pressure UAE to improve the record of human rights especially for workers trapped in the modern-day slavery conditions.

The list which included key hotels owned by UAE ruling family as well as the Dubai and Abu Dhabi local governments.

The campaign warned tourists of possible fates like what happened to Jamie Harron who was sentenced arbitrarily due to lack of justice and medieval mindset prevailing in UAE.

The new list of hotels released by the Campaign is also another new tool  to pressure these hotels and the Ministry of Public Works  and tourism ministry of UAE as they both failed to protect the workers in these hotels who are paid below the basic minimum wage and not entitled to sufficient holidays including sick and emergency leave.

The Campaign will release another list of Top UAE attractions and will invite people to Boycott them.

According to the Campaign spokesman Henry Green, ICBU will reach out for International Tourism agencies and organisations and will invite them to Boycott UAE Tourism.

He also added that ICBU will call on TripAdvisor, and Airbnb to enjoy basic human ethics and impose punitive measures against UAE