Manchester City Fans launch campaign to End Etihad partnership

Oct 26 2017
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A group of Manchester City Fans launched a local campaign to end Manchester City-Etihad airlines partnership due to their complicity human rights violations. The campaign was formed by a group of 25 fans who objected to the club at various occasions against the UAE human rights abuses. The fans state that UAE is using the club for “Image Laundering” purposes.

The group of the fans sent a delegation of 5 members to meet with our campaign, the International Campaign to Boycott UAE, to discuss the possible means to push their local campaign with the wider boycott campaign which is growing in the UK and Europe.

The group informed ICBU of their intention to carry out formal protest to the club to end the Etihad partnership.

According to the group, the owner of the Club Sheikh Mansour al-Nahyan is using the club for “branding vehicle” for the ruling family and UAE companies including the Etihad airlines.

Sheikh Mansour al-Nahyan’s family, rulers of Abu Dhabi, are dominant are involved in the deadly war in Yemen and are responsible for the war crimes committed against the innocent civilians in the country.

The Etihad airline, which is the key partner for the club has also been involved in the logistic support for the war on Yemen by providing fuel and other mechanical services to the UAE force bombing Yemen. The airline has also carried out a number of flights from Yemen to UAE to transfer individuals who were imprisoned by UAE army in the war-torn country.

Amnesty and HRW reported dozens of courses where torture was “a systematic practice” in Abu Dhabi and UAE state security jails, and that complaints that these men were tortured, including to extract confessions, have not been investigated. Amnesty said the trial showed “a deeply flawed judicial system” at odds with the “global image the UAE likes to project of itself as an efficient, forward-thinking country, which in many ways it is”.

ICBU invite all other local groups interested in sports across Europe and the UK to join this campaign.