Mass Agitation against UAE in New Delhi to Reject the Humiliation and Abuse of labour in the UAE

Apr 06 2018
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Mass Agitation against UAE in New Delhi to Reject the Humiliation and Abuse of labour in the UAE

New Delhi, April 6, 2018.

International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU)  organised a mass protest against the United Arab Emirates on the worse conditions of the workers in the UAE. Uniserve Knowledge Foundation and International Campaign to boycott UAE raised the issue in the mass congregation. They shouted the slogans against UAE Authorities and ask to end the humiliation of workers. The protest was held at the busy Parliament Street of the Indian capital New Delhi on Friday.


One of the protestors said, “The condition of Asian labourers working in the Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, is very poor and it is compelled to work against labour laws. The first attempt to repair the condition of the workers should be done by the victim himself and his family. It is important that we must denounce UAE and its policy towards third world labours.”

“We can assess the situation only by listening to the labours working in UAE and see the affiliations of Kafala when the passports of Indian labourers are seized. They are forced to work by making mortgages in the country and this is no different from slave practice in any way. The compulsion to work with passport captive as a new slave practice. We also suffer from the over working hour and labour conditions. The Government of India should take the issue of Kafala on the table when one to one dialogue with UAE” A former victim said.


Karman , a former worker said,” Doing a job with Indian and Asian labourers, the promise is made but nothing else is done there, by making laws, the human rights of the labourers should be protected so that they can easily work there.”

It was earlier discussed that India should create such an environment in the country so that Indians do not have to go out for a job. A lot of laws have been made but they are not used properly. Unanimously the advice came that the Indian government should put pressure on the government to protect the human rights of labourers working in the Gulf countries.

Earlier this year in a seminar was held at magistral Constitution Club of New Delhi, the labour practice expert Sohail Ahmed said that the violation of human rights of labourers has become very common. The company and consultancy agencies should also know about labour laws and international treaties while promising employment. Mr. Ahmed continued that people should be conscious of human rights law themselves too.

Global HR Suman Singh of SMC said that everyone should be aware of human rights in order to be aware of their rights, while sharing his experiences he also warned people to be aware and to be cautious about their rights. He also appealed to people to educate themselves.