Petition to European Union to terminate UAE bilateral agreements

Oct 14 2017
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Petition to the Members of European Parliament

Dear Respected Member,

Europe has always been the beacon of democracy and the hub of human rights promotion. Our strong EU bond has been inspiration to many countries and pro-rights campaigners.  As you know, our EU bilateral agreements and joint relations with other countries is often built on their respect of human rights and their refraining from committing any violations or abuses of human rights.


Sadly, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) one of our key trading partners seems to deviate from our regulations and rules. UAE which all the trappings of a glimmering, advanced country, a hub of tourist attractions, has a darker side.


For decades, Asian and other migrant workers have been abused by the UAE. No proper rights or justice where given to them. The UAE labour regulations are on the side of corporate business, not workers. No trade unions or organisations have been available to defend workers’ rights, as any such organisation is banned by the UAE authorities.


According to the US State Department, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports, UAE is a stronghold of international human trafficking. Thousands of people, especially the young, have become trapped in the UAE and are enslaved to work in casinos and night clubs. Thus far, the government of the UAE has made no real effort to stop this dangerous phenomenon.


Regionally, UAE has been funding various groups deemed terrorists in Syria. It also funded the chaos of Libya by supplying factions with arms and logistic support.  According to the CIA, the UAE was the “Financial” and “logistic” centre for the 9/11 attackers.  Other reports by the CIA and other European agencies confirmed the UAE, particularly Dubai, as a hub of financial crimes and money laundering.


In Yemen, over 15,000 people have been killed over the past two years due to the UAE-Saudi coalition. UAE jets raided many civilian targets killing children, women and the elderly. The UAE created many Yemeni paramilitary groups and is now running secret prisons in the south of Yemen where torture and enforced disappearances are daily practices.


The EU must not offer UAE privileges, while the conduct of the UAE remains in violation of the UAE basic regulations and agreements.


Therefore, we urge you to take action, by  putting pressure on the EU Commission and the EU Parliament to: 

Your action as a member of the EU parliament will contribute to saving more lives in Yemen, help give freedom to the victims of human trafficking trapped in Dubai, give hope to Asian migrant workers who work in conditions of modern “slavery”.


Looking forward to have your support.

International Campaign to Boycott UAE

General Secretariat