Press Release: UAE..the Godfather Of Terrorism awareness action to launch on 25th October 

Oct 23 2017
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Brussels – 23 October 2017- New awareness action is due to be launched by the International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) to educate the International public opinion of the UAE involvement in International terrorism.

The action  will last for 10 days and will employ wide range tools to help people understand the UAE mechanism used to undermine International peace and security.

“Sadly, UAE is playing a central role in promoting terrorism in the Middle East. Various US and  European Intelligence reports confirmed UAE’S facilitation of terrorism in Syria and Libya.” added the  ICBU

Henry Green, newly appointed ICBU spokesman added that UAE has long history of supporting terrorism in Alqaeda in Afghanistan and Taliban groups such as those affiliated to the Haqani’s division.

“Dubai has been the hub of terror for almost 3 decades. We can’t forget how the 9/11 attackers used Dubai as a logistic and financial depot for their plans.” Said Green

According to ICBU, the new awareness action will provide firsthand account information about the UAE long history o promoting and supporting terrorism.

The campaign invite people to join its activities of the “UAE the Godfather Of Terrorism” where they can use the hashtags #BoycottUAE


Letters will be sent to members of the EU Parliament as well as United Nations member states briefing them about UAE pro terrorist history.

Various examples of UAE practices in supporting terrorism:

“One report singled out a Kabul-based “Haqqani facilitator”, Haji Khalil Zadran, as a key figure. But, Clinton complained, it was hard to be sure: the UAE’s weak financial regulation and porous borders left US investigators with “limited information” on the identity of Taliban and LeT facilitators.” The Guardian

“UAE supported two Yemeni backers of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.” leaked document  stated

The New York Times reported in July that Yousef al-Otaiba, UAE ambassador to the US, received an “angry call” from Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s foreign minister, complaining that the Taliban had ended up in Qatar and not the UAE, according to messages in Otaiba’s webmail account” New York Times

” Relatives and lawyers said the 9/11 Commission findings justify adding the UAE as a defendant in cases brought against Saudi Arabia. 9/11 families may add UAE to lawsuit against Saudis over role in terrorist attacks” Russia Today