Press Release: UAE’s freedom of Expression suppression must end

Oct 02 2017
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Paris, France, 02-10-2017 – International Campaign to Boycott UAE, (ICBU) denounces the continued repressive policy of UAE authorities.

UAE authorities continued to suppress freedom of expression and employ autocratic methods against its political opponents. The county is still heavily involved in detaining and prosecuting its critics and opponents. It is also using arbitrary laws against and foreign nationals under criminal defamation and anti-terrorism laws.

According to Amnesty 2016-2017 report, UAE is conducting massive, “Enforced disappearances, unfair trials and torture and other ill-treatment of detainees remained common. Scores of people sentenced after unfair trials in previous years remained in prison; they included prisoners of conscience. Women continued to be discriminated against in law and in practice. Migrant workers faced exploitation and abuse. The courts continued to impose death sentences; no executions were reported.”

International Campaign to Boycott UAE, (ICBU) calls on International community to severe their relations to the lowest possible levels. UAE must end its “iron fist” policy and allow political participation as well as granting people their basic right of freedom of expression.



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