Press Release: UK, French union groups call on ending Yemen War

Oct 20 2017
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) wrote to key UK and French unions urging them to pressure European governments to end war on Yemen.  A letter sent to various local and national groups included a petition which call on immediate action end to war on Yemen and hold those involved in the killing to account.

Key French and UK trade unions and local groups (grassroot activists) joined the call and called on ending arm trade to UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Campaign Against Nuclear Disarmament (CND) replied to our petition by confirming their firm position of ending the arm trade to Arab countries involved in the air strikes and the killing of innocent civilians.

Stop the war Coalition tweeted their position which is critical of the UK Government for its support to war on Yemen. STW stated, #NoConfidence in a govt that is complicit in the starvation of 7 million children in.

STW coalition launched a hashtag #NoConfidence to highlight many of the failed UK Government policies including the arm trade and the Yemen war.

It also called for #NoConfidence in a Foreign Sec who wants to profit from a region his govt bombed to rubble after they’ve ‘cleared the dead bodies away’.

Meanwhile, local groups in Paris and Lile cities in France affiliated to Confédération Générale du Travail supported the ICBU petition and promised to push local resolutions to punish countries involved in war.

ICBU has also communicated with French Confederation of Management – General Confederation of Executives and French Confederation of Christian Workers.

ICBU’s new anti-Yemen war petition is gaining more momentum and will be reaching out to EU decision makers to end the deadly war and spare the lives of thousands.