UAE Modern-Day Slavery…2

Oct 09 2017
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UAE Modern-Day Slavery…

                                               More Reasons to Boycott UAE

Did you know?

The working conditions of migrant workers in UAE alike old-day slavery; where they are:

  • deprived of decent salaries close to the minimum wage.
  • deprived of their full weekends breaks.
  • work long hours reaching 15 hours per day without overtime payment.
  • abused at the workplace and not offered enough nutritious meals.
  • left with no suitable housing accommodation. For example, 15 workers share a small room sized 4m x 5m
  • exposed to sexual harassment and physical abuse at some occasions.
  • not entitled to sufficient appropriate annual/sick leave
  • are not allowed to travel to see their beloved ones as their employers keep their passports!

UAE Federal National Council (FNC) September 2017 law has failed in tackling these abuses