UAE’s militias in Yemen continue to smuggle antiques 

Jan 02 2019
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE(ICBU) condemn the ongoing smuggling of Yemeni antiques by UAE militias and allied forces in the country. The campaign considers such practise a setback for human history where Yemen is considered as one of the most important civilisations in the ancient histories. The campaign is not shocked of the UAE involvement as it was involved in similar cases in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

In august 2018, UAE newspapers claimed that Port officials in Aden seized a shipment of antiques that is suspected to be part of what the Yemeni government says is looting of the country’s heritage by Houthis to fund their insurgency. Meanwhile, reports revealed that some of the reported pieces were bought by Emirati businessmen in the black market.

“Many of the reported pieces were sold in UAE then were sold again internationally. We call on UNESCO to take immediate actin to track the whereabout of the missing pieces. We think that Local Emirate museums maybe displaying some of such pieces soon. We also think that the Louvre Abu Dhabi will display such Yemeni antiques” Said the campaign spokesperson

Henry Green, ICBU spokesperson revealed that the campaign received dozens of emails from local Yemeni histories about sabotage and theft in local museums. The emails also confirm that pieces were valued between $5000 to $100.000 dating from the pre-Islamic era.

The campaign slam UAE the full responsibility of the sabotage and theft as well as smuggling activity in the country.