UN Agencies must leave United Arab Emirates – ICBU

Mar 05 2018
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International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) issued an alarming call to the United Nations warning of “Considerable Damage” to the work of the UN agencies based in United Arab Emirates. The campaign said in a press statement issued early on Monday 5 March 2018, that the different UN agencies based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are being used by the Government to cover up their crimes.

UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP and other organisations are heavily involved in activities and events organised by UAE government organisations. Such an involvement and good relations with UAE authorities is having a negative  influence  on the work of these bodies.

Henry Green, ICBU Spokesperson elaborated that these reputable agencies have become less critical of UAE repressive practices in the country and abroad. They don’t clearly criticize lack of freedom of expression in UAE, the deportation of Syrian Refugees from UAE or the war targeting civilians in Yemen.

For example, UNICEF did no clear mention of the UAE war crimes on Yemen and how the children are bombarded on daily basis. It also did not hold UAE responsible for the famine targeting Yemen although this is an integral part of its work.

Green added, “the same matter is also reflected on UNHCR which has several offices in UAE. The agency did no efforts to halt deporting thousands of Syrian refugees over the past 4 years.  Although Syrian refugees in UAE are under the jurisdiction of UNHCR; nothing has been done so far. ”

“Sadly, the United Nation is not scrutinize the work of its agencies in UAE. Beneath, the PR activities of these agencies lie clear deviation from the noble goals of the organisation. We have seen many UAE Government initiatives are adopted by these agencies although they are not related to the work. Apparently, UAE funding to these agencies is conditional and now we see clear signs reflected in the work of the UN offices in Dubai” said Green

Mr. Green concluded that the agencies must leave UAE immediately and stick its original message of helping people. UNHCR can’t be silent on deporting refugees who are stateless and homeless while UNICEF can’t be silent on killing children in Yemen.